FABREM provides modern and scalable warehousing solutions to a varied set of customers across all industries and channels.

  • Racked and Block Warehouses
  • State of the art WMS, with bolt on features
  • RF enabled HHT for paperless Put away/Pick
  • Activity-based costing
  • Co-warehousing: Per pallet storage Variable Cost model
  • Competent team /100% compliance to Regulation


We offer the following warehouse services for our clients

Professional Warehousing

We take charge of the complete warehouse or its chambers / area on lease / long lease basis and offer the space to different clients for the storage of commodities. The rates and other terms & conditions are mutually agreed upon between SLCM & the customer through an agreement.

Exchange Warehousing

In this kind of warehousing service, commodities traded over Exchanges which are stored in SLCM warehouses as per the agreed terms through an agreement between Commodity Exchanges and SLCM. However, the rates for warehousing are declared by the commodity exchanges through circulars time to time.